What is The List?

The List is a story about Levi Cole, an assassin of superheroes.  Surprise twist, it’s the future, and superheroes aren’t really all they’re cracked up to be.

The List started as a free web serial on my personal blog (and is still ongoing).  Each “episode” is a self contained short story that follows Levi in his superhero assassination hi-jinks, but has recurring characters and an overarching story. As it turns out, stories about superheroes fit the comic mold quite well, which is why I’m now working on a web comic version of the story.

How many episode will there be?

The web serial version of The List is tentatively scheduled for 24 episodes (which should wrap up around Aug/Sept of 2012).  The web comic version for now will cover only the first episode, but I have plans for expanding it (see below).

What will the future hold for Levi Cole?

In The List, Levi Cole has his face smashed and rebuilt after every job. Following that theme, I would love to see The List expand as a multi-illustrator work, with each episode done in the respective artist’s style.  I’m still working out the details on how to make this happen.  (speaking of which, if you are a web comic illustrator and would like to collaborate, contact me!)

The List Web Serial